Lost password (Step 1)

Password resetting is done in three steps and shall be requested by the administrator contact of your online account :

1) Requesting a reset code
You must request a reset password code indicating your 12-characters login ID in the form below.
Important: Your login ID is the one that was sent to you after the activation process of your online account. For security reasons, this ID is neither your email address nor you membership number.

2) Receiving you reset code by email
The administrator contact will receive by email an URL address containing a reset code that will last for 2 hours.
Important: Make sure you have access to the proper email account in time, and if you're not the administrator contact, let him know so that he can transfer this email to you in time.

3) Answering the security questions
You will need to request the password reset by clicking on the password reset URL within the 2 hours after receiving it and answer the three security questions you have chosen when setting your password.
Important: If you have forgotten your answers to the three security questions, the password reset procedure won't succeed. In this case, the administrator contact must contact us directly through our contact form (https://www.app.asso.fr/contact) to request the password reset using the email address that he has filled in when activating the online account.

Security control